The Digital transformation and modern hybrid workplace company.

Supporting businesses to digitally transform, reduce costs, streamline business processes, and deliver high quality services.

Your Dream. Our Mission

We help organisations plan, design, implement and rollout aligned modern workplace solutions.

Bluechess Technology, is an innovative digital transformation, and modern workplace solutions provider that prides itself on embracing creative approaches to finding solutions and supporting organisations of all sizes to digitally transform by combining the transformation and strategic capabilities of management consulting with the agile and innovative nature of a modern digital enterprise. Our goal is to make technology work for every business regardless of size, budget, or location, reduce operational costs, streamline business processes, and help empower individuals within the business to deliver high quality services to customers.

Digital Transformation & Modern Workplace Circles 5

Digital Transformation & Modern Hybrid Workplace

Return to Workplace

Reopen responsibly, monitor intelligently, and protect continuously with solutions for a safer work environment.

Secure Hybrid Workplace

Meet, call, and work from anywhere with better teamwork and better productivity tools.

Asset Finance

In today’s world why pay for outdated technology? Meet funding obstacles head on, with subscription-based technology.

Digital Presence

An essential set of digital tools that every local business needs to build a strong online presence.

App Innovation & Process Automation

Automate your business processes without wholesale migration of the underlying applications.

Data Analytics & AI

Transforming your business with artificial intelligence and data insights

Shifting landscape

There's a growing need to make work better

Our Four-Phase Approach to Secure Hybrid Work

We aim to make technology work every business regardless of size, budget, or location. Create a collaborative culture with us.

Managed Service Flow

This envision phase is comprised of planning and design services that lay the groundwork for a smooth rollout which is fundamental to establishing a successful Secure Hybrid Work deployment. These engagements can be greenfield or migration from an existing solution.

The enablement phase typically form several project-based engagements that focus on the deployment and enablement of scoped solutions and devices. This is a direct follow-on to an envisioning engagement which puts the your plans and designs into action.

The usage phase tends to be focused on helping users improve their hybrid work experience while working both remotely and from the workplace with supporting communication, training, and reporting on usage.

The support phase is an ongoing engagement to provide monitoring, management, reporting, and support for all solutions, and devices deployment as part of the secure hybrid work experience, ranging from service desk support, to complete quality reporting, and solution break-fix remediation.

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