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Change management & Corporate Training

Successful adoption of a new solution is the result of different and complementary disciplines: deploying new technology and changing people’s behaviours - We can guide you on your journey to full adoption and utilisation of your new solutions.

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Our four phase change management approach

We have created an easy-to-follow framework to guide you through the adoption process. Each phase is broken down into simple steps that guide you through the best practices, resources, and tools you need to build and deploy a customised adoption approach.

Adoption and Change Management Approach Illustration 2

We start with assessments to determine business objectives, and key sponsors

  • Conduct change management assessment
  • Determine key stakeholders
  • Analyse business to determine key objectives

Define the change management strategy to meet defined business outcomes.

  • Define sponsors
  • Create measurement strategy
  • Design communication, training, and reinforcement plans

Support your execution of the change management strategy,

  • Execute awareness campaign
  • Build the adoption dashboard
  • Train the trainer for managers
  • Execute end-user virtual, and in-person trainings

Leveraging detailed reporting to show impact towards business goals, continuous adoption monitoring, and training.

  • Pre/post learning delta surveys
  • Review success metrics and ongoing adoption strategy
  • Define regular health checks
  • Ongoing training

Why does adoption matter?

The business landscape is changing. Employees seek purpose and satisfaction. Employees aim to harness worker ingenuity, and a diverse, multi-generational workforce can now work anytime, anywhere. Success depends on your ability to collaborate, and drive productivity within teams spread across the globe.

The successful adoption of new technology requires a change in behaviour, and change can be hard. It takes more than learning a new app. It's a fundamentally different way of working.

Change doesn't happen automatically. Most employees don't want to use new technology rolled out by their organisation.

CEOs matter. When the CEO was engaged, the transformation project was more successful.

Setting targets is key. A well-defined set of financial, and operational targets is a key component to successful transformation.

Learn from each other. Learning from co-workers is one of the most effective ways to adopt new technology.

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Explore our Adoption & Change Management Service Packages

Our tiered adoption and change management packages are available for you to choose a service level that fits your organisations' needs.

Change - Basic Package

Our Change - Basic package includes a workplace transformation workshop, and a deep dive with key stakeholders to chart out business requirements and the desired outcomes. This will get you the tools you need to embark on an internally managed Adoption & Change Management process.

Change - Extended Package

Our Change - Extended package puts more tools and structure into the hands of your organisation, as we “train the trainer” with the methodology and structure surrounding successful user adoption programs. This package includes workshops, analytics tools, and more.

Change - Advanced Package

Our Change - Advanced package is for organisations who are looking for a fully outsourced ACM program, and a team to guide their users through the adoption and change management process from start to finish. We’ll be your partners through your entire Modern Workplace Transformation journey and work closely with you to ensure that you get maximum ROI on your technology solution.

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