Adoption and Change Management

Change is about people

"Value is only realised when people change the way they work"

We use proven methodologies and blend theory to deliver our Adoption and Change Management service offering – Every organization wants to be more effective and inspire its employees to work better together. To help them get there, we offer solutions for teamwork and real-time collaboration. But changing a work culture goes far beyond the effort required to deploy a new solution. We add value by helping employees understand the solution’s value, how to engage with it daily and use it to transform the way they work.

People don’t automatically change

Resistance is a normal, human behavior that takes time to overcome

Shadow technologies are more prominent than ever

80% admit to using their communication tool of choice

Technology is more than a technical migration

Deploy it and they will come’ doesn’t work

People & change are not one-size-fits-all

Organizations are made up of innovators, laggards and everyone in between

Our Adoption and Change Management Offerings

We start with assessments to help you determine your business objectives and key sponsors:

  • Conduct change management assessment
  • Analyse business to determine key objectives
  • Identify key stakeholders

We define the change management strategy to meet your desired business outcomes:

  • Define sponsors
  • Create measurement strategy
  • Design plans for communication, training, and reinforcement

We support the implementation of the change management startegy:

  • Execute awareness campaign
  • Build the Adoption dashboard
  • Train the trainer for managers
  • Execute end-user trainings, both virtual and in-person

We use reporing to demonstrate the impact on your business goals and to highlight ongoing opportunities:

  • Summarise results of pre/post learning delta surveys
  • Review success metrics and ongoing adoption strategy
  • Define regular health checks
  • Conduct ongoing training

Benefits of our ACM Offerings

Value is realized only when people change the way they work. Our Adoption and Change Management services drive value for our customers in four important ways:

Adoption and Change Management Benefits

Adoption and Change Management Value Realisation

Adoption and Change Management Value Realisation
Adoption and Change Management Drivers

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