In partnership with over 378 manufacturers around the world

Business IT Equipment & Software Licenses for your company

We are partnered with over 378 hardware and software manufacturers around the world so we offer the best pricing on all our IT solution proposals along with vendor-agnostic advice on choosing the right technology for your business.


All your business technology requirements can be met in one place

The world's leading technology companies trust our people, processes, and systems to take their products to market every day.

Avoid costly purchasing mistakes

If you are unsure about what type of software your business needs, or what hardware to choose, you can always rely on us for reliable advice. We are at the cutting edge on advancements within the IT industry, and due to the nature of our established partnerships with a range of leading hardware and software manufactuerers around the world, you can rest assured that you will always be up-to-date on the right solutions for your business.

Hardware & Software Procurement

We source our IT equipment and software licenses from a range of leading suppliers, and our established partnerships mean our prices are very competitive. We will give you informed recommendations based on years of expert industry knowledge that align with your business goals, and ensure that the equipment and software we provide gives your business the best value for money.


Tech-as-a-Service (TaaS) makes it easy to acquire hardware, software and services through monthly payments rather than a traditional one-off purchase.This enables organisations to optimise their IT budget, while getting access to the latest technologies on a regular basis. Tech-as-a-Service offers the choice to combine hardware and software into a solution that not only meets each organisation’s technology needs, but also satisfies budget requirements.

Ongoing advice and technology consulting

We provide regular technical summaries of your IT infrastructure, recommending software & equipment that will maximise your organisational security posture and overall efficiency. We can also provide a 3-year IT roadmap, and budget plan for your business so you are in the know about the equipment you might need in the future.


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