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Business Technology [SMB]

Teams Meeting and Calling overview video

This video highlights the many ways Microsoft Teams can help your business inspire collaboration, reduce costs and risks, and deepen engagement.

Business Technology [SMB]

University of Lincoln adapts its teaching and learning approach

The University of Lincoln had to respond quickly to COVID-19, adapting its teaching and learning approach to ensure that students and staff could continue to enjoy a safe and positive learning experience within 24 hours. The close integration of Microsoft Teams with other essential learning tools, such as Microsoft Word, as well as the security and integrity of the Microsoft 365 platform are highly valued by staff and students alike.

Business Technology [SMB]

Willows Health share how they moved to a hybrid workforce

Kieran Mann, CIO at Willows Health and Helen Wilson from Microsoft discuss how technology helps improve productivity and empower your employee’s experience. They share their organisation’s experiences in moving to a hybrid workforce, while focussing on empowering employees to be their best.

Business Technology [SMB]

4 ways to nurture success in the new world of work

Organisations that embrace a people-first culture will be more able to adapt, innovate and progress. Discover the fours ways leaders can help create opportunity during change and succeed in the new world of work.

Business Technology [SMB]

How a hybrid workplace can drive innovation and growth

We talk about how organisations have adapted to the challenges of today, and are preparing for the future to help build resilience and power the UK economic and societal recovery. Discover how the right culture, technology, and leadership will help adapt and re-imagine your business strategy.

Business Technology [SMB]

5 ways to keep your team engaged and motivated

Georgina Bowis, Delivery Management Leader, Microsoft Services shares her learnings and experiences with managing remote teams. Find out how Microsoft Teams can help managers successfully support and empower employees from anywhere to be more innovative and productive.

Business Technology [SMB]

Swedish real estate company Landgren embrases digital transformation

Swedish real estate company Landgren has made a name for itself by being ahead of the technological curve and prioritizing innovation. So far, Landgren has capitalized on standing out from the crowd, but here’s the catch: The company has no IT department. Using security solutions from Microsoft 365 allows Landgren to comply with strict European data privacy standards, ensuring that the company is protected against data loss and cyberattacks.

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