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Provide consistent customer experiences with Dynamics 365 for Customer Service.

Exceeding customer expectations begins by identifying and removing the barriers that prevent your employees from delivering and your customers receiving a seamless, positive experience. Dynamics 365 Customer Service addresses those barriers head-on in three steps by personalizing service, empowering people and unifying technology to consistently provide exceptional customer experiences.

Personalise service

Personalise service

Consistently exceed customer expectations by leveraging AI-enabled insights to proactively resolve issues before customers are aware.

Empower people

Empower people

Increase agent productivity by automating routine inquiries. Leverage AI to dynamically guide agents to the right action and improve cross-company collaboration to expedite case resolution.

Unify technology

Unify technology

Simplify orchestrated experiences through a 360-degree view of the customer journey. Enable AI-driven data processes with insights built on a unified data estate.

Customer Service Management Overview

The impact of automation can have profound effects on productivity and the customer experience. AI and robotics, if implemented and managed well, can help deliver the promised benefits of improved CX, customer analytics and business intelligence. It is important for organizations to have a clear business case for AI, robotics and automation.

Which leads us to connecting the customer journey. A full omnichannel strategy is a reality for just 7.2% of organizations – those who say they have a clear value proposition that includes investment and return criteria – and only 8.4% have all channels connected. Consistency rather than connectedness seems to be the focus now, with most looking to evolve their multichannel plans. Whatever the solution chosen for the organization, it is vital to have a formal channel strategy in place that is regularly measured and reviewed to ensure progress towards a consistent CX. It is critical to be able to track and map the customer journey across channels.



Personalise service and empower people

Empower customers

Empower customers to solve issues on their own or with the help of virtual agents to increase CSAT

Deliver personalised value

Deliver personalized, value-add experiences to create brand advocates

Anticipate needs and avoid issues to build trust and earn lifetime customers

Unified Customer Relationship Management Solutions

Trust, consistency and a transperent processes are the essential ingredients to maining repeat customers and many SMB and Enterprise sized businesses are now increasingly moving workloads to the cloud to improve the way they work with collaboration tools, and recognise the need for truly integrated unified customer relationship management processes in order to keep customers happy.

Sales Management

One connected solution to accelerate sales - turning relationships into revenue.

Marketing Management

Build rewarding business relationships and create seamless customer journeys to nuture leads.

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