Personalise buyer experiences with Dynamics 365 Marketing

Build rewarding business relationships and create seamless customer journeys to nuture leads

Dynamics 365 Marketing provides your business with a 360-degree view of customer interactions. This helps align sales and marketing operations with common information, connected business process and Microsoft 365 for collaboration to further increase demand and close more deals.

Orchestrate customer journeys

Generate and nurture more sales-ready leads by running targeted, multi-channel campaigns. Personalise customer journeys to build rewarding business relationships.

Make informed decisions

Improve automated marketing performance with AI-driven insights, lead scoring, and custom dashboards, plus gain a 360-degree view of customers.

Grow with an automated platform

Drive innovation with an application that is easy to tailor, extend, and connect to other apps and services you already use. Automate processes with either built-in workflows or create new ones with Microsoft Power Automate.

Marketing Management Overview

Businesses face complex marketing challenges such as disconnected data, tools and processes. Batch and blast emails aren’t effective anymore. Sellers ignoring leads generated by marketing. No insights to improve results or inform the customer journey.

Dynamics 365 Marketing is the critical initial function of an aligned series of Dynamics 365 applications that provide a fully end-to-end experience to customers. The app takes a data-centric approach to lead generation, utilizing customer insights, and orchestrating effective customer journeys. Marketing drives the business by identifying and nurturing prospects and delivering highly qualified leads to Sales.

Orchestrate customer journeys

  • Build customer relationships using digital channels
  • Orchestrate customer journeys across the entire lifecycle
  • Target and personalize to attract the right prospects and improve engagement
  • Create content quickly and without expertise
  • Use multidata source insights from Dynamics 365 Customer Insights
Orchestrate customer journeys illustration
Align sales and marketing illustration

Align sales and marketing

  • Reduce costs through increased efficiency and organizational collaboration with Dynamics 365 Sales 
  • Create seamless customer experiences
  • Increase lead generation
  • Prioritize and productively nurture leads
  • Create a single view of prospects
  • Identify, target, and close top accounts

Make informed decisions

  • Improve marketing effectiveness through A/B testing and surveys
  • Experiment and choose the right content
  • Gain better customer understanding using Customer Voice surveys in Marketing emails
  • Optimize delivery using automated scheduler, spam score, and automatic test winner selection
Grow with an adaptable platform illustration

Grow with an adaptable platform

  • Adapt marketing to your needs
  • Easily integrate data and business processes
  • Direct integration with Microsoft Teams
  • Enhance journeys with custom channels and CDS APIs
  • Run business-unit-level marketing
  • Market globally while maintaining compliance

Unified Customer Relationship Management Solutions

Trust, consistency and a transperent processes are the essential ingredients to maining repeat customers and many SMB and Enterprise sized businesses are now increasingly moving workloads to the cloud to improve the way they work with collaboration tools, and recognise the need for truly integrated unified customer relationship management processes in order to keep customers happy.

Sales Management

One connected solution to accelerate sales - turning relationships into revenue

Customer Service Management

Provide consistent customer experiences with Dynamics 365 for Customer Service.

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