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Every organization has initiatives and transformation plans that require a specific set of skills or resources to deliver a specific project after a scoping exercise tied to strategic goals and financial targets but lack the internal capabilities to deliver this change.

Our Project Advisory & Delivery Consulting offering helps you to develop efficient approaches to project initiation, execution and control to achieve desired project outcomes. We work with you to align project activity with your key business strategies, identify and manage risk, change and quality as a result of project activity ultimately to transform your business using market-leading cloud business solutions and delivery frameworks.

Our Project Advisory & Delivery Consulting Offerings

As part of our Project Advisory and Delivery Consulting offering, we can help you put together the business requirement for your transformation project if you haven’t already completed it before initiating the project. If you have already gathered your requirement potentially as part of our Transformation Vision & Scope Definition offering then we will conduct a deep analysis of the requirements already gathered, breaking them down into a delivery backlog and provided pre-implementation proposed solutions for each cataloged requirment within a Pre-Delivery Discovery Report.

We understand the endless complexities of implementing technological changes whilst trying to maintain the integrity of your information. This requires strong technical expertise, proven design methodologies and secure solution architectures. We can provide you with expert independent security advice and solution recommendations to guide your selections when choosing your solution providers based on deep industry research and knowledge.

If you choose us as your technology advisors and implementation partners, you will avoid typical transformational pitfalls, and future-proof your business technology strategy with clear implementation goals and delivery timelines.

Our team of business technology implementation experts have delivered implementation project for global enterpise clients in a number of industries. We are commited to accelerating your project timelines without compromising on quality, controlling cost with our innovative implementation model and making sure all your business requirements are met in alignment with your business goals.

We also provide continuous solution improvement and project support services regardless of your current transformation project stage. We offer this service as an add-on if you choose us as your main implementation partner but we also offer it as a seperate package to support your project alongside your chosen vendor. This offering focuses on minimizing any business disruption with a detailed business continuity plan, proactively keeping pace with current business technology trends, managing solution upgrades and improvements, and provide quick response SLAs all at a highly competitive price point.

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