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There has never been a more exciting time to be at the intersection of retail and technology. Create a connected, agile and data-empowered organisation that leads the consumer goods industry. Address retail industry challenges and evolve with your customers.

Know your customer

Deliver unforgettable customer experiences that make you stand out from the crowd.

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Enable your people with strategic retail solutions and tools to deliver extraordinary customer service.

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Close the gap between demand and fulfilment to delight your customers.

Reimagine retail

Imagine the impossible – and then make it happen with intelligent retail solutions.

Retail Industry Landscape

There has never been a more exciting time to be at the intersection of retail and technology. The retail industry is continuing to evolve with the digitally savvy consumer as the driving force behind the changes. Information is available everywhere. Consumers are well informed and expect seamlessly integrated and curated experiences across all channels, be it online, in-store, or on mobile. While it is difficult to predict what customers will demand next, there is work that retailers can do today to equip their business with the right technology that will allow them to be nimble and ready to adapt to future market shifts and disruptions.

The retailers who are embracing digital transformation today to plan for their future are destined for success. This means not just adopting the latest technology but supporting business models that are truly transformative and go a step further to build their own digital capabilities on top of that technology. It’s these digital capabilities that will provide the foundation to keep up with the ever-changing customer demands.

With the continued evolution of the retail industry, the consumer goods industry must follow suit in order to keep up with the needs of their consumers, shoppers, and customers (retailers).

Consumer goods companies are highly matrixed and multifaceted businesses covering marketing, sales, distribution, manufacturing, and supply chain. With multiple dependencies across an enterprise of internal and external parties, implementing the right intelligent solutions can enable connectivity and productivity across the entire ecosystem, improve speed to market and retail execution, and increase sales.

Effects of disruption in the industry

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Eighty-four percent of visitors report using digital for shopping-related activities before or during their most recent trip to a store. (Source)

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Over 80 percent of retail transactions still happen inside a store. (Source)

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Eighty-three percent of shoppers believe that they know more about a retailer’s product than the store sales associate. (Source)

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Over 90 percent of customers say purchase decisions are influenced by online reviews. (Source)

Retail Trends and Disruptors

Consumer Goods Trends and Disruptors

CSP solves the challenges of having to deal with multiple vendors by offering a “one stop shop.” This allows organisations to partner with a single provider for all their cloud strategy; licensing, road-mapping, implementation, user productivity and enablement needs, security, and on-going managed services. We provide organisations with real-world cloud expertise; budgeting, architecting, and a mature road-mapping model giving our customers significant time and cost savings.

Our transformation vision and scoping offering begins with a series of strategic meetings between our team and key stakeholders within your organization. In these meetings, we discuss your organization goals, potential roadblocks that could impede these goals and how we can best achieve the defined organization goals through open communication with the output being a phased business transformation strategy outlining the key objectives and initiatives that would mean success for your business.

Our Project Advisory & Delivery Consulting offering helps you to develop efficient approaches to project initiation, execution and control to achieve desired project outcomes. We work with you to align project activity with your key business strategies, identify and manage risk, change and quality as a result of project activity ultimately to transform your business using market-leading cloud business solutions and delivery frameworks.

Every organization wants to be more effective and inspire its employees to work better together. To help them get there, we offer solutions for teamwork and real-time collaboration. But changing a work culture goes far beyond the effort required to deploy a new solution. We add value by helping employees understand the solution’s value, how to engage with it daily and use it to transform the way they work.

Any successful digital transformation has to take business intelligence and analytics into consideration as organizations are now increasingly harvesting a significant amount of disconnected data in the cloud but with the right solutions like Microsoft Power BI, that data can become a very powerful asset empowering you and your people with data visualizations that translate into actionable strategic insight

We serve numerous clients worldwide in Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America, and Asia providing tailored training solutions and courses to meet their business-specific requirements through our many highly qualified Trainers with extensive experience in their respective industries.

Transformation the right way.

We help organisations plan, design and implement aligned business management solutions with an emphasis on return on investment, speed to delivery, staying within budget, improving business performance and ensuring proposed solutions fit your specific business processes.

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