With Teams Meeting Rooms

Turn any room into an inclusive collaboration space

Transform meeting spaces ranging from small huddle areas to large conference rooms with a rich, collaborative Teams experience that's simple to use, deploy, and manage.


Give everyone a place at the table, no matter where they sit, with Microsoft Teams Rooms

Help remote participants feel as engaged and empowered to participate in meetings as those in the room.

Live Captions

See a real-time text stream as participants speak during a meeting.

Raise Hand

Let everyone know you want to speak, simply by pressing a button.


Surface Hub 2S delivers a best-in-class digital whiteboard experience. Users can also ink together from their own touchscreen devices like a phone, tablet or PC.

Intelligent Capture

Frame, focus, and enhance analog whiteboard images and text in real time for all to see.

With Teams Meeting Rooms

Bringing Microsoft Teams to your meeting rooms

The workplace of the future will be hybrid. A fluid experience realised across a continuum of spaces, motivated by a person’s ability to choose when and where they work. This flexibility, while not new to all, will be new to many and will have far reaching impact.

Our four-phase approach to our Hybrid Meeting Rooms Service

Managed Service Flow

Planning and design services for Microsoft Teams Rooms lay the groundwork for a smooth deployment. This phase is critical to help you with your requirement gathering and scoping of meeting spaces and devices to support your deployment of Microsoft Teams. The meeting room has always been a challenge for customers, bringing remote participants into the experience as first-class participants in meetings is more critical now than ever. These engagements can be greenfield or migration from an existing solution.


  • Plan and design services
  • Device strategy
  • Migration Planning
  • Meeting room assessment
  • Meeting room equipment specification
  • Network preparation
  • Device management planning
  • Meeting room assessment

These are project-based engagements that focus on the deployment and enablement of devices in the shared spaces that support Microsoft Teams Meetings. Professional services for meeting rooms in this phase are focused on installation and configuration. This is a direct follow-on to an envisioning engagement which puts the your plans and designs into action.


  • Device and licensing procurement
  • Configure Meeting room policies
  • Cloud video interop deployment
  • Meeting room system installation
  • Meeting room configuration
  • Room remediation consulting

These are services to drive usage for the adoption of Microsoft Teams Rooms that typically follow engagements after the deployment of Meeting rooms and devices. The usage phase is based on driving usage and adoption of these devices for meetings in Microsoft Teams. These engagements tend to be focused on helping users improve their meeting experience in the conference room with supporting communication, training, and reporting on Usage.


  • Device deployment with or without adoption services
  • Ongoing training and adoption services
  • Ongoing change management services
  • Migration assistance
  • Usage reporting and remediation

This phase of the service portfolio becomes an ongoing engagement to provide monitoring, management, reporting, and support for rooms and equipment to support a your meetings experience, ranging from service desk support to conference room equipment break-fix.


  • Usage monitoring
  • Device management
  • Quality and usage reporting
  • Room system monitoring
  • Tier 1-4 support
  • Management of Cloud Video Interop
  • Meeting room equipment break/fix
  • Meeting room device up/down reporting
  • Managed Meeting Rooms

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Teams Meeting Rooms are purpose-built calling and meeting room solutions that deliver a native Microsoft Teams experience with HD audio and video, on Teams-certified hardware from Microsoft and Microsoft partners (Microsoft Surface Hub, Crestron, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Logitech, Poly, and Yealink). Teams Rooms deliver consistent, intuitive, and inclusive meeting experiences.

Microsoft Teams Rooms Standard and Premium enable all the licenses needed for Microsoft Teams Rooms while providing customers with two options to manage their devices.

Teams Rooms Premium is £40 per device per month.

Teams Meeting Rooms Standard us £10 per device per month.

The managed service enhances the meeting room management experience through expert operations, requiring less time and resources from your IT team. The service provides recommendations from our team, proactive management on your behalf, and knowledge from our entire customer network to ensure you get the most from your environment. This proactive approach to room operations maintains optimal meeting experiences across sites and promotes user satisfaction.

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