Transformation Vision & Scope Definition

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A digital transformation strategy is a business transformation strategy

Our transformation vision and scoping offering begins with a series of strategic meetings between our team and key stakeholders within your organization. In these meetings, we discuss your organization goals, potential roadblocks that could impede these goals and how we can best achieve the defined organization goals through open communication with the output being a phased business transformation strategy outlining the key objectives and initiatives that would mean success for your business.

Following these meetings, we provide tailored solution recommendations, a detailed transformation assessment report, and optional post-assessment advisory and support with your transformation journey either by moving on to the next phase with us or keeping us on as a member of your team to support your project with your chosen vendor.

Our Transformation Vision and Scope Definition Offerings

We help you analyze the operational and financial impacts of any potential disruptions in your business functions and processes. These include lost sales, income, delayed sales or income, increased expenses, regulatory fines, contractual penalties, loss of customers, potential customer change dissatisfaction and any potential delays of new business plans.

We will work with you to define the objectives, goals and scope of the business impact analysis assessments. We will also help you identify the relevant members within your organization to aid the analysis but we also offer an outsourced project team for this function if required if the business does not have the right people for this task.

Our Cloud Strategy Workshops aid in the exploration your current business infrastructure, how you envision your infrastructure tomorrow, and how we can help you to get there. These workshops will be followed by a well-defined cloud transformation roadmap and next steps.

This offering involves hosting a series of workshops with different business stakeholders followed by documenting a list of specific project goals, deliverables, features, functions, tasks, deadlines, and ultimately costs. We will work with to understand what needs to be achieved and the work that must be done to deliver the project successfully.


It is very important to address the scope and vision early in a project’s lifecycle as it can have a huge impact on the schedule and cost of the project down the line.

The cloud readiness assessment is an overaching process that encompasses organizational readiness, solution discovery, and solution assessments.

The primary goal of conducting a cloud readiness assessment is to provide you with a gap-analysis of your organization and a list of solutions that can move to be cloud smoothly following a phased cloud solution assessment process.

We can also conduct a change management risk assessment to further analyze the risks that the transformation project could potentially face throughout the lifecycle of the change implementation.


We will identify the change management risks following the completion of the other transformation vision and scope definition assessments based on our findings from the results of the organizational readiness assessments, change impact assessments, stakeholder analysis and potential solution user analysis.

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